Our Board and Management Charter

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to provide pensions and other benefits to healthcare employees, retirees, and their beneficiaries.

Our Vision

We will establish a new and higher standard for pension and benefit plans, providing competitive benefits and superior services at a reasonable cost.

Our Values

We are committed to careful and responsible management of monies entrusted to our care. We endeavour to provide competent, respectful service to our members. We will enhance relationships with employers, unions, and other stakeholders to ensure our members are informed of their entitlements and options.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to meet member expectations for employment benefits and security in retirement through:

  • Competitive and fairly priced benefits.
  • Superior member service.
  • Effective governance.
  • Sound investment policies.
  • Best practices in administration.
  • Knowledgeable and professional staff.

Our Guiding Principles

Our actions will be guided by the fair and just treatment of HEPP/HEBP members and other stakeholders through prudent fiscal management, excellent member service, and open communication.

Our Commitment

  • To maintain a fully funded pension plan.
  • To maintain fully funded health, dental, disability, and group insurance plans.
  • To maximize investment returns within an appropriate and prudent level of risk.
  • To maintain cost-effective administrative services.
  • To maintain a safe, healthy, and equitable workplace.
  • To empower our employees through teamwork and training.
  • To continually improve service to all members and other stakeholders.
  • To communicate effectively with members and other stakeholders.

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