Counselling Supports Returning to the Employee Assistance Plan

Mar 28, 2023
Financial, legal and career counselling are available through the Employee Assistance Plan (EAP), effective April 1, 2023.

While we can’t avoid life’s challenges, we can take comfort in knowing they’re manageable. Challenges such as the rising cost of food and gas, marital separation and navigating your career can have a significant impact on mental health. Since mental health affects physical health along with the ability to function in life, work and relationships, HEB Manitoba has enhanced your Manitoba Blue Cross EAP benefits with the addition of financial, legal and career counselling to help you and your family members manage events in life that prove to be challenging.

Manitoba Blue Cross’s EAP is a confidential counselling service that provides assessment and short-term counselling for a broad range of issues. It might seem that concerns you or your family members have would need to be serious to use your EAP. It’s actually the opposite. Early EAP usage can help address issues before they negatively affect health, family life or work.

In addition to the counselling that’s already offered through your EAP, access to the following types of counselling is now available to further support you and your family members:

Financial Counselling

If you’re concerned with managing finances, you’re not alone. With Manitoba Blue Cross’s EAP financial counselling, a qualified financial counsellor can provide support with budgeting, credit/debt management, financial record-keeping strategies and money management strategies.

Legal Counselling

There are times throughout your life that legal information might come in handy, for example, if you’re buying a home, adopting a child or making a will. Your EAP has legal counsellors who have law degrees to provide information on Canadian law and how it may apply to your situation. Counsellors can also direct you to supplementary resources and reference materials but they can’t represent you in court or provide legally binding advice.

Career Counselling

A satisfying work life contributes significantly to your overall sense of wellness. If you’re uncertain about your career direction, have concerns about work or want to plan for future opportunities, career counselling through EAP can help constructively define goals and resolve problems regardless of your employment status.

To schedule a virtual, phone or in-person counselling appointment to help you manage life’s challenges, visit You can also call 204.786.8880 or 1.800.590.5553 (toll free) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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