Eligible Dependants

Insurable Spouse/Common-Law Partner

A member’s legal spouse or common-law partner is insurable. A common-law partner refers to a person who is living with the member in a conjugal relationship.

Note: In the case of separation, the former spouse is no longer eligible for coverage.

Insurable Child

A child is insurable from 24 hours of age, and remains insurable as long as the child is financially dependant on you and is:

  • Unmarried, and is the natural, adopted, or step child of the member or insured spouse/common-law partner, or
  • Unmarried, and the member or insured spouse/common-law partner has been appointed guardian for all purposes by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Where a member or the insured spouse/common-law partner is appointed guardian of a child, the child is not insurable unless Canada Life has received satisfactory proof of the guardianship. In addition, if the insured spouse/common-law partner is the guardian, the insured spouse/common-law partner must be living with the member.

A child age 21 or over is insurable if the child is financially dependant on you and is either:

  • A full-time student and under the age of 25, or
  • Incapacitated for a continuous period beginning:
    • Before age 21, or
    • While they are a full-time student.

Note: A child is considered a full-time student if they have been in registered attendance at an elementary school, high school, university, or similar educational institution for 15 hours a week or more within the previous six months. A child is not considered a full-time student if they are being paid to attend an educational institution.

A child is considered incapacitated if they are incapable of supporting themselves due to a physical or psychiatric disorder.

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