Changes in Coverage

Increasing Coverage after Enrolment

To obtain or increase your Optional Life and/or Family (Dependant) Life Insurance coverage after your initial enrolment, Evidence of Insurability is required unless the change is due to a recognized significant life event.

Significant Life Events

You may elect to increase your Optional Life and/or Family (Dependant) Life Insurance coverage without the Evidence of Insurability requirement if you experience one of the following significant life events and declare the change within 60 days of the life event occurring:

  • Marriage or date of co-habitation of a common-law relationship,
  • Marriage break-up or termination of a common-law relationship,
  • Acquiring a dependant child, or
  • Death of a spouse/common-law partner.

You may elect to increase your Family (Dependant) Life Insurance coverage, without the Evidence of Insurability requirement, if your dependant experiences a change in eligible full-time student status* and you declare the change within 60 days of the significant life event occurring.

* A previously ineligible dependant may become eligible for Family (Dependant) Life Insurance coverage upon enrolment in a recognized educational institution. For further information regarding an insurable child, please refer to the Eligible Dependants page in this section.

A Canada Life Evidence of Insurability form must be completed for changes declared after 60 days of a recognized significant life event occurring. Please refer to the Evidence of Insurability page in this section for more information.

Note: If you experience a significant life event while on an approved, unpaid LOA/layoff and wish to increase your Life Insurance coverage, you must complete and submit a HEB Manitoba Life Insurance Plan Change Form within 60 days of returning to active employment.

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