Enrolment & Waiver Procedures

Participation in the Plan is voluntary. You may choose to:

Enrol in the Plan by completing the Retiree Healthcare Plan Application. If you enrol, you must do so according to your true family status (i.e. single or family). You have 60 days from the date you obtain or lose eligible family members to change the level of your coverage. Changes made after 60 days are not allowed, or some benefit restrictions apply.

Permanently waive your participation by completing the bottom section of the Retiree Healthcare Plan Waiver Form. If you permanently waive participation you will not be able to join the Plan at a later date.

Waive your participation in the Plan because you are currently covered by another group healthcare plan by completing the first section of the Retiree Healthcare Plan Waiver Form. If you lose your coverage under the other plan, you must notify HEB Manitoba within 60 days to enrol in this Plan. If you do not apply within 60 days of losing your other coverage, you will not be able to enrol.

Once enrolled, you cannot cancel your coverage while living in Manitoba unless your spouse/common-law partner becomes eligible for coverage under another plan and you obtain coverage under that plan. Your request to cancel your coverage must be received by HEB Manitoba within 60 days of the date you become covered under your spouse/common-law partner’s new plan. Otherwise, you cannot withdraw from the HEB Manitoba Plan as it is assumed that you have chosen to enrol in both plans in order to “coordinate” benefits (i.e. receive benefits from both plans).

In the event of your death, or the death of your spouse/common-law partner, coverage may continue in the HEB Manitoba Retiree Healthcare Plan for the survivor.

In either situation, it is very important that someone has been designated to contact HEB Manitoba so that Retiree Healthcare coverage and premium rates can be changed to “single,” if required.

If appropriate notification is not provided to HEB Manitoba, coverage will continue to be provided at “family” rates.

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