Unpaid Sick Leave of Absence and Prepayment of D&R Premiums

While on an unpaid sick leave of absence (LOA), D&R premiums must be paid to maintain your D&R coverage. D&R premiums must be paid up to the date you are eligible to receive D&R Benefits (throughout the 119-day Elimination Period). If D&R premiums are not paid, your D&R coverage will terminate and you will not be entitled to D&R Benefits.

Note: It is mandatory that members maintain their D&R coverage throughout the 119-day Elimination Period (D&R Benefit waiting period). This also applies to members who are applying for, or who have been accepted for, Workers Compensation Board (WCB) or Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) benefits.

If you do not have sufficient banked paid time to cover the entire 119-day Elimination Period, your Employer must calculate the portion not covered by banked paid time. The D&R premiums for the period from the start of the unpaid sick LOA up to the end of the 119-day Elimination Period must be paid and a Disability & Rehabilitation Plan Sick Leave of Absence – Coverage and Prepayment Form must be completed.

Premium-free D&R coverage will only be provided if HEB Manitoba receives and approves a D&R claim.

There are situations where a D&R claim decision may not be made until after the 119-day Elimination Period. If a decision regarding a claim has not been made prior to the end of the 119-day Elimination Period, D&R premiums must be paid beyond the 119-day Elimination Period to maintain D&R coverage. If D&R premiums are paid beyond the 119-day Elimination Period and your claim is accepted, applicable post-dated cheques will be returned or a D&R premium refund can be arranged by contacting your D&R Claims Specialist.

Note: The maximum time period a member can prepay to maintain D&R coverage during an unpaid sick LOA is one year. 

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